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The Art, Music, Comics, Animation, and Writings of Michael Lowell Teague: is likely to overwhelm the first-time visitor. Any artist building a museum to his own vanity (admittedly) may be justly accused of showing off. But you must understand that the average high functioning autistic has nothing like my opportunity, and must relegate his or her life’s work to dusty shoeboxes left in the attic: never to be unpackaged, organized, or understood as the creator intended—if intent was formed.

When I first started my website in 2002, I believed I would be part of an artistic vanguard that would take to the Internet like beatniks to a Parisian coffeehouse. Nothing like this happened. Social media has provided a satisfactory outlet for many content creators, but it comes at the cost of ghettoizing artists through divisions defined and maintained by the host provider. Few creators have the patience to learn html, and so this further alienates the few who do learn it. What is needed is boutique media, where websites such as mine can network without corporate overlays in style, advertising, and content.

Visitors to will segregate into their individual interests. Viewers come to read comics are unlikely to look at paintings; and those come to look at paintings are unlikely to sample the music pages. Few (I fear) will read anything of my novel, unless they were led to it under a false pretext. Even though I call Icarus Transfigured an autistic memoir, it is not Oprah book-of-the-month-club fare, or encouragement for parents with autistic children. Perhaps what I intended by my book was to inspire those with autism to think differently (creatively) about what having autism means.

Navigation: Most of the links listed below will take you to sub-menus, which, in themselves, are further divided into links to speed your arrival to a destination. The same sub-menus are accessible from the Directory at the top of each page, and in many cases from the bottom of each page. Time stamps (in red) are provided where content is regularly (or irregularly) updated.

“Your powers, if I may say so without offence, seem superior to your opportunities.” ~Arthur Conan Doyle, Sherlock Holmes


 Current Artwork 2019-2006

Current Artwork 2006-2016 Relatively Speaking: My output has never approached the level of a professional painter, and grandiose canvases of scale are about as fanciful to an apartment dweller as notions of adequate ventilation. Regardless, I have modestly honed my craft in these conditions, and have only lately introduced true pictorial space to my compositions. Last Update: 8/29/19

  Artwork Archive 2006-1983

Current Artworks Hub One Painter’s Oeuvre: I say as little as possible about these paintings and drawings in fear of persuading the viewer unfairly. Truly art has no meaning—which is to say it has no rational presupposition, although much rationalism about art follows where two or more artists are gathered over micro-brewed beers. Last Update: 3/28/19

 Captions of Industry (Discography)

Music Hub (Animated gif) Music, Autism, and Me: My first incarnation as a college student was as a music composition major, although I never learned to read music fluently enough to succeed at performance. Sight-reading from a score was also an obstacle because I initially learned to play piano and guitar by ear, and quickly—too quickly—memorized the finger work and faked it.

My talent as a performer, however, lay in improvisation, though I was limited in my ability to execute difficult passages in real time. When I wrote music on the fly, I kept circling my blindspots until I was able to get pass them, and convinced any potential listener to my piano performances that these repetitions were intended. I did not know at the time I had autism, and that I suffered from a “hyperfocus” memory problem: absent-mindedness induced by intense concentration. In my case, this meant I could not multitask my hands effectively while playing, or anticipate upcoming transitions well. I gave up the piano in my early 30s, but never the thought I was a composer. When I discovered software instruments in Apple’s Garageband in 2009, I was given the means to write music without the hindrance of performance. Last Update: 10/27/19

 Comics Archive 2012-1989

Comics Archive Hub Blender Kitty and More: This portal includes both The Blender Kitty Archive and The Profiles in Confusion Archives. Addititionally, an overview of my comic development is offered, including excerpts from my Xeric Award-winning comic book Epic Dermis. Last Update: 7/27/18

 Icarus Transfigured

Icarus Transfigured Hub  A Novel / Memoir in Late-Diagnosed Asperger's Syndrome: Icarus Transfigured began as a work of speculative fiction in 2003, and it was not until the author was diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome in 2007 that the protagonist became openly autobiographical. Autism not only informs the subject matter of the book, but the memoir/novel is itself an autistic creation. It is a genre binder, though may be broadly characterize as a metaphysical ghost story.

 Original Animation and Gifs

Original Animation Hub (Animated Gif) Pirate Ship Aesthetics: I do not have the resources, patience, or interest to make polished animation. God created metaphysics to get around the obvious, so I will leave the exhaustive work of constructing animated sequences that move objects conventionally from here to there to others. What new work I create for html video will appear here. Last Update: 10/05/19

 Scrapbook and Bloggish Musings

Scrapbook and Bloggish Musings Failed Ventures, Homeless Projects, and Rumination: As such, this page is in development, and for now is a catch-all for what did not find a home elsewhere. Last Update: 3/29/19

 Bent Apparel

Bent Apparel Link Shop At Cafe Press: Truly I sell nothing here (except “theoretical” tee-shirts offered through a third-party vendor). I am too obsessive compulsive and content with my own company to thrive in any conventional sense of the word. However, it will take you weeks to get through this site: A 400-something page novel, comics so inscrutable you will be forced to revisit them, 100 odd pieces of music and counting, and animation, when I can bother.

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