Animated Gifs

Notes: I have failed, to the present moment, to do much in this department, and look here for nothing recent. Though I had hopes of pursuing animated gifs as a calling (or business) card, I do not see them as often on Facebook as before, and can only think that this is because of the time-consuming nature of these projects—and then to give them away for free!

A one-minute animation may take many months of work, and though a gif is mere seconds long, ingenuity and mechanical drawing skills are required. I do not excel in the latter department, but have a long history of creating biomorphic transformations. Most of my early ones, from Bible Welts days, were ummemorable, but visual trickery is a Dali-esque fascination of mine, and something I have intermittedly toyed with it in short turns at animation.

Squid Tongue gif (2008)

Two animated gifs of different length that run simultaneously. This might pass as a novel, time-tensed concept. The cartoony content, however, would prevent it from being regarded as “modern art” in the rarefied sense.


Snail Pipe gif (1983)

A series of pencil drawings I made as an undergraduate at Memphis State University. (They are significantly larger than this gif.)

This is perhaps my first attempt at biomorphism. The idea was inspired by Rene Magritte’s The Treachery of Images, whose bottom caption read: Ceci n’est pas une pipe, or “This is not a pipe.” I wrote this infamous French phrase on the last drawing.

During this time, I was fully immersed in European and American Modernism, and inspiration shows up in different studio classes in different ways. I saw myself as a processor of information and not someone working in or stealing from a dead style. Truly I never had a style, although many were assigned to my work by others.


Eye Browse gif (1996)

Based on a comic from Epic Dermis n1, although I have added color to the gif in order to separate the individual components better. In the original art, one completes this operation more readily from static images.


Elephant Alergy gif (2008)

A fragment lifted from an abandoned SWF.