Original Animation

Experimental Covers It: It is understandable why Walt Disney hired an army of animators to do his heavy lifting. One could devote the labor of an entire life to making a single short film—and it may not even be that good as a “first” film.

These films combine original art with modified imagery gleaned from other sources. They are admittedly low tech, dirty workarounds in a medium dominated by CGI and professional animation studios, but it is work in which misanthropes should be encouraged.

The Kingdom of Estrogen 2 minutes 34 second Added: 5/05/13

One is lured into a dark kingdom incrementally, and deliquesces.

Catalepsy 2 minutes 55 seconds Added: 2/08/13

Cartoon cats with personality disorders dictate the terms of their relationships with humans. Allusions to space chimps provide inscrutable subtext.

Notes on A New Understanding: Finding ways to make snippets of images and strange sounds interesting is what lies at the center of these films. The less time the viewer has to sees, the less they are able to process. Similarly, I sometimes split the verbal narration, whether as text or as an audio file, from its animation, and then run them consecutively. The consumer of the information must cut-and-paste meaning from imperfect memory. Invariably it’s a salad, and it is through this grater that I wish shred the brain’s logic.

The mysterious lurks in these nooks and crannies, where you just missed it, or saw only a part of it, or got part of it backwards. We revisit where we have questions; and where there is no better answer, we are forced to step away with most of what we encountered left intact. For some, this is an act of abandonment and frustration, while for others it is a brush with their own mortality: glimpsing, perhaps, the last conscious thought before all is known…

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