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Blender Kitty Comics Archive 1

Origins: Blender Kitty the comic strip was started in 1999, or thereabouts. It did not entail placing viable cats in blenders, or anything gratuitous. Rather, it was about a cat that resembled a blender, and his sidekick Candy Medicine Bear. (Wayne the Endangered River Otter was later added.)

Dust Mites comicCubist Bowling comicTable Etiquette comicBeached Whale comicVelcro Moon comicBaby Picture comicTire Planter comicBurnt Head comic

Chronology: I did not keep track of the creation dates for these comics. This is a complaint of my artwork generally. Scanning these pages into a scanner generated time stamps, but I did not own a scanner in the early going of Blender Kitty. Moreover, I am not always punctual at scanning works upon their completion, and so must rely on my failing memory for their organization. The earliest comic strips are the easiest to identify, as they are simpler in style. I have culled a number of these and present them in the first two archive pages, although some late strips find their way onto the second page.

For reading purpose, some of these comics, when clinking on their respective links, have been chopped up and reassembled. Although this is aesthetically unpleasing, it makes reading the text easier on digital devices. Thumbnails on the archive pages preserve the original look of the comic strip.

Stick Insect comicEat Foot comicMcDraw comicCarnival FoodEar Wax comicLow Effort comicAtlantis comicFrying Pan comicElbow comic

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