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Blender Kitty Comics Archive 5

The End of An Experiment: Comic strips present unique problems; and the more creative one wants to be, the more problems there are. Little headroom is left for captions and, hence, the development of ideas. The format is a straight jacket, although I enjoyed the few years I tinkered with the formula.

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Reflections: As for style, Blender Kitty aspired, at different times, to different sensibilities. The early strips possess only mild perversion, while the later strips were openly hostile to respectability. One might assume that I wanted to appeal to a wider audience in those early strips, although my condescension and graciousness were not perceived as condescendingly or as graciously as I may have wished. Blender Kitty was much like my website: It was so many things. If one could build a reputation patchwork from disparate parts, this might be counted as an accomplishment.

As an art instructor, I have received many glowing reviews on my instructorship from students—none of which I could bear to read. The thought of someone liking me makes me squirm in my skin. I keep thinking of Sherlock Holmes’ self-imposed outsiderism, and “the work being its own reward.”

I do know Blender Kitty was held in esteem by a few. When I went on my second trip to Los Angeles, I was told of a recent visitor from New York City who was awestruck to discover that my LA friend (whom I was visiting) was friends with the creator of Blender Kitty. Similarly, and strangely, the day after Nine-Eleven, my same LA friend called me from New York City, having flown there the day before the tragedy. His friend (who was perhaps the same friend mentioned previously) wanted to talk to me, and only about Blender Kitty.

Comic published in the aftermath of Nine-Eleven in The New York Press.

Magazine cover published in the aftermath of Nine-Eleven in The New York Press.

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