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 Comics Portfolio 2

Enemy of The People: The connoisseurs of a artform are almost always the worst thing that can happen to it. They impose, through tyranny of number, a kind of “best practices” on those products of which they lovingly champion and consume. No reinventions are allowed save those that reinforce the exemplary examples. Resultantly, these followers are not unrefined, but overly refined. They possess enough intelligence and discriminating taste to sabotage innovation, especially innovation that does not seek their approval. This has worked to my detriment on occasion, but it is perhaps against these cheerleaders that I have remained outside “the best practices” of every art form I have taken up as a cause, at least initially. None more so than in the realm of comics.

I received two reviews of Epic Dermis, n1 once I began to send out copies. The first one was given to me privately in a letter by a comicbook publisher; a comicbook critic published the second one. The writer of the letter immediately saw my literary aspirations and compared my work correctly (and favorably) to sources that I counted as inspirations. The critic had seen my work in Zero Zero and had not thought well of it; Epic Dermis did not improve his opinion. I do not remember his specific recommendations for how to better my product. However, it was evident by them that he was not my target audience. I can only suppose, in retrospect, the same applied to his audience of alternative comic readers. I will not say every view he expressed was wrong, but the shortcomings he listed included some I had already formed by this late stage. The fault lay in my over-ambition for a media that was limited by its architecture. (See text on next page.)

Epic Dermis (Unpublished): Although Epic Dermis n2 contained unpublished pieces, this cover was later sold at La Luz de Jesus Gallery in Los Angeles, prior to my two-man in 2002.

Cover for unpublished Epic Dermis n2

Epic Dermis #2 cover


Splash pages from the Epic Dermis project

Splash Page Monster #1

Splash Page Monster #2


The Greens and Yellows (Full Comic) from Epic Dermis n3


Burnt Effigy project

Burnt Effigy #1 comic


Cover for unpublished Epic Dermis n3

Cover for Epic Dermis #3


Putt-Putt Golf Hazards (Full Comic) from Epic Dermis n3

Putt-Putt Golf Hazards comic


An example of a short-lived alternative weekly strip called Scoula Metafisica

Comic for Scoula Metafisica<


The Farm Accident (Full Comic) from Epic Dermis n2

The Farm Accident comic


Splash page from Epic Dermis project

Splash Page from Epic Dermis

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