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 Profiles in Confusion 5

Comics by Michael Lowell Teague 2005-2006


Transitional:Though Blender Kitty was created to be a money-making venture, it never fully succeeded. Even before ceasing production, I looked to make a second class of strip that would be faster to assemble and flesh our demand for product. These strips displayed a more varied drawing style (which is to say “cruder”), and employed the tools of Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop. They only ran in the college paper, yet they provided, in their spontaneity, the backbone for came after Blender Kitty.

Profiles in Confusion comic strips combined two things at which I excelled: drawing Wolverton-style zany characters, and putting absurdist monologues in their mouths. Combined, this approach made for a fast turnaround, yet without sacrificing quality of either drawing or writing. As things developed, the strips were wordy at first, and then became shorter and to the point.


Devil Dog comic It was a chained devil dog near a chained devil tree near a chained devil water bowl. Apart from that, it was your typical Wednesday. Too early to start thinking about the weekend, really.


doggie in the windshield comic How much is that doggie in the windshield?




Inspire Confusion comic


Death Rattle comic


One-legged Seal comic


Running with Fork in Mouth comic


Conga Line comic


Poe's Home Builder comic


Santa's Lap comic


Tummy Rumble comic


Termite comic


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