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 Original Flash Animation Archive

Stand alone SWF animation (2008-2010): These short films comprise most of my output in this medium. Later works incorporate comics seen in other venues. The links will take you directly to the individual SWFs. Because of this, the films are scalable, which is regrettable since they were conceived as small scale films and should be viewed as small scale films. If you enlarge the film to fit your large computer screen, it may look like crap!

Visual tools used to make this animation are perhaps obvious: pen and ink drawings, Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator, and Adobe Flash. The Adobe software skills were acquired in the early Nineteen Nineties, when I worked as a graphic artist for a local screen printer in town, Mark Anderson. We sweated out the lean years of Apple computer, when it looked like they would go belly-up at any moment. Early versions of Abode Photoshop, Illustrator, and Streamline (all numbered by year of release) were frustrating, since the improvements were mostly cosmetic: They were constantly changing the tool functionality and moving stuff to different menus and calling it an upgrade.

Mark passed away suddenly in the summer of 2018, but I owe him a debt of gratitude. Without him, my entry into the world of computers may have been significantly delayed, and would not include anything like the “hands on” education I received. My ten year stint at Zuchinni Prints was, as I told Mark’s former wife recently, my “third college degree.”

The Soundtracks: Everything you hear in these films, apart from the simulated voices, was created experimentally with Audacity software.

Flash plug-in must be enabled to view these films!


Birdsong (2008)

Early experiment in sound manipulation.


Dung Beetle

Because I Wear Johnny's Class Ring (2009)

The perks of having a steady boyfriend are here lauded, although the ontological state of the girlfriend is disputed. Be careful what you wish for, especially in the presence of envious and discarnate souls.


The Gibberer

The Gibberer (2008)

Confusion over youth and its irrepressible high spirits. Two characters liberated from their respective Profiles in Confusion strips are joined together with an odd piece of audio. Yes—that is my voice!


Grocery Gawkers

Grocery Gawkers (2008)

One mad scientist’s paranoia about the intrusive interest of others in his affairs.


Saucer Invasion

Saucer Invasion (2009)

Early exploration of Audacity software where I learned how to milk a simple piece of audio. (The animation is, as always, unambitious but serviceable.)


Dung Beetle

Dung Beetle (2008)

Nightmares of insects and a fear of corrective lenses. One man’s dilemma neatly put. Ample synergistic creepiness between sound and pictures.

Selected excerpts from abandoned SWF musical opuses (2009-2011): These clips are among my few attempts at legitimate animation in films that were otherwise filler imagery used to pad out three or four minutes of original music.

Merry Christmas, Clowns!

Merry Christmas, Clowns! (2009)

Here, even without the music for which the animation was created, a narrative is implied.


Aberrant Star

Aberrant Star (2009)

Cochlea morphing into elephant confounds squirrel.  An early musical swf (of which I made many), here truncated and converted to video without sound. This was originally a tribute to the late actress Kim Hunter: Heather Chandler from Heathers. (No audio.)


Cowboy Philosopher

Cowboy Philosopher (2009)

A heroic effort at animation which totals, in running time, mere seconds. (No audio.)


Deltoid Fuchsia Introduction

Deltoid Fuchsia Introduction (2011)

This originally served as the grisly introduction to the musical composition Deltoid Fuchsia. A description of the plot is found at the linked page.


Popeye Exegesis

Popeye Exegesis (2009)

Here is another compilation of my best bits. Should you arrive here from the musical pages, you will notice that Popeye Exegesis became Popeye Rotoscope. (No audio.)



Etc. (2010-2011)

Bits and pieces of other musical SWF films, including Soviet Bunk Bed, Worlds Much Longer, Boyhood Reptile, et cetera... (No audio.)

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