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 Gallery of Paintings: Early-Aught Artwork

In-Between Years: At least twelve years separate these works from those listed as new on the New Works Page. Less than a decade separates these paintings from those listed below. Wielded Morbidity has a solid date of 2006.

Exit Wounds and Strategies

Exit Wounds and Strategies 22" x 30" oil on canvas


iPebbles and The Toothpaste Slugs

iPebbles and The Toothpaste Slugs 12" x 16" oil on linen


Envelope of Meat

Envelope of Meat 16" x 20" oil on canvas


Manacles of Milk<

Manacles of Milk 16" x 20" oil on canvas


Insoles and Injurious Army

Insoles and Injurious Army 16" x 20" oil on canvas


Wielded Morbidity

Wielded Morbidity 9" x 10" color pencil on paper


Pipe Cinch

Pipe Cinch  6.75" x 10" pen and ink on paper


 Gallery of Paintings: 1998-2002

Return to Painting: I cannot say when I restarted painting after my extended, post-graduate lull. The few paintings presented at the end of the Portfolio pages comprised that inactive period, which continued through the early Nineties. I first exhibited with low-brow artists in 1998 at The Rico Gallery in Santa Monica, by which time I had made several works found on this gallery page. My slight reputation owed to an article featuring my work that appeared in Art?Alternative Magazine a year or two before that. None of the paintings here were in that article. All were earlier works seen in the Portfolio Pages.

The paintings below include all of the works shown in the two-man show (with Scott Musgrove) at La Luz De Jesus Gallery in 2002 in Los Angeles.There I met Robert Williams and compared notes. There has been no complete stoppage in my painting since this exhibition, although my work did slow to a trickle while I worked on my novel throughout the early Two Thousands, and also into the late-Two Thousands once I returned to musical composition. Presently I divide my time equally between all my activities, which is to say I work at a snail’s pace on everything I undertake.

Titles are supplied to works featured here but, regrettably, no other information. Fiber Optical was painted on linen, and was commissioned by an ad agency in Barcelona, Spain for Diesel Jeans in Milan, Italy. To my best knowledge, no other work of mine resides overseas. The rest of these paintings are on canvas. None are especially large, and a number are small.

Monsters: The monsters of my childhood in the Sixties were whimsical and improbable, whereas in today’s era of CGI, monsters appear to suffer the general disease of our time: scientific literalism. After the novelty of the realism wears off, the ad hoc imagination is left no corner into which it can flee and recuperate. My creatures aspire only to be impossible.


Spooks of The Eyestalk



Red Sushi Sleep



Table of Periodic Objects



The Gobbler



Arcimboldo Ant Farm



Brussel Sprout Cheesecake



Digital Savant



Nymphs of The Elbow



Kinderszenen und Gastropod



Lymph Node and Tar Baby


Brer Rabbit Recondite

Brer Rabbit Recondite



Quantum Defects



Refried and Relinquished



Ruptured Groceries



Creeple Peeple Hulu



Pleasing Fungus Barbie



Green Bunny, Green Dinner



Oracle of Staplers



Withered and Rigid Dwarves



Fiber Optical

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