Original Music 2018

Crepuscule Forecast

  Aspartame in Episodes

4 minutes 32 seconds|  Hard breaks underscore the terrain change. The first section begins brightly, like the launch of a maiden voyage. I could not help but think of Mendelssohn’s Calm Seas and Propsperous Voyage while mixing the key change theme ending the second section. The final section is in the spirit of Deltoid Fuchsia, where the organ sets up the abtuse melody, and the electric guitar brands it on the soul. There was a thought to add more onto this series of interrupted cadences, but it seemed superfluous.

Time stamp for creation: 4/09/18.

Record Icon Limiters and Clipping: Compression has its fans and detractors; and I have perhaps used it on occasion with little thought, although it does function like a well-groomed haircut. A few of my pieces survive with limiters, but I mostly avoid adding them these days.

Clipping, on the other hand, is not as bad as it sounds, as I allow (and even encourage) my highend drum elements into this danger zone. Distortion is rarely a problem, unless vast tracts of your music are clipping too often. There the music is simply too loud.

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