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  Original Music 2018

  Noble Gases, Abridged

6 minutes 1 seconds| Here are five of the six naturally occurring noble gases, presented in reverse order as they appear on The Periodic Table: Xenon, Krypton, Argon, Neon, and Helium. Radon was left out because I did not want to add another theme.

Strangely, I had planned to do a piece with “noble gases” in the title, but I forgot the exact wording I had brainstormed until I ran across it recently on a slip of paper. That title is the one given above, which replaced the working title “Six of Five Noble Gases.” I had no notion at the time of composing that the original title aptly described the piece as finished. Was it laziness or premonition that I left out a gas?

The incorporated image above belongs to American Precisionist painting Charles Sheeler.


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