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  Original Music 2018

  Noble Gases, Abridged

6 minutes 1 seconds| Here are five of the six naturally occurring noble gases, presented in reverse order as they appear on The Periodic Table: Xenon, Krypton, Argon, Neon, and Helium. Radon was left out because I did not want to add another theme.

Strangely, I had planned to do a piece with “noble gases” in the title, but I forgot the exact wording I had brainstormed until I ran across it recently on a slip of paper. That title is the one given above, which replaced the working title “Six of Five Noble Gases.” I had no notion at the time of composing that the original title aptly described the piece as finished. Was it laziness or premonition that I left out a gas?

Noble gases are noble because they are inert, with helium being top periodic element at the number two position. Hydrogen is, of course, number one, but it is not inert, as gaseous stars attest, but also The Hindenburg dirigible exploding on an airfield in New Jersey. (Helium became the gas of choice for air dirigibles following this misfortune.) For stars to burn helium as a fuel requires tremendous pressure: i.e., stars of tremendous girth.

The incorporated image above belongs to American Precisionist painting Charles Sheeler. 

The time stamp for creation is lost, although I sketched the first theme before I upgraded the harddrive for my Mac Mini to solid state. That was carried out 5/15/18. There was a considerable time delay before returning to the composition after that date, although this work was finished as of 10/06/18.

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