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5 minutes 14 seconds| My pieces often begin obliquely and discover several musical ideas on the way to a final theme that are either extensively developed or passed over quickly. This structure indicates an exploratory, improvisational approach to music writing and departs from my earliest efforts in having less brevity and repetition. Titles are whims. However, and as was the case with Soviet Bunk Bed and Rapprochement, evocative aspects within the music influence them.

Time stamp: 7/17/11.

Novel Icon Novel-in-Progress, excerpt 10| Lucien strays from the task assigned him, and wanders into another part of the clinic, which seems no more dedicated to sleep than the place where he was abandoned by a tester. Remote viewers are assembled in a room and asked to meditate on a spot on the wall. When they leave, he is certain the spot is a hole:

Stepping around their chairs, he crept up to the hole on the wall and let his eye hover warily before piercing it. His line of sight dropped like a plumb line into a cavern, where curtains, the color of coagulated blood, lined a corridor on the other side. A swinging light globe was presumed to dangle from a cord over the shimmering velour, and made shadows in the folds grow and shrink like impatient villains ready to leap from the wings.

Lucien was about to turn away when a section of the curtain separated and moved contrarily to the light source. Its motion was consistent with a crosscut saw making an incision in the wall underneath it. After several strokes, the drapery stilled.

The observer waited to discover its logic, and directly the cloth lifted again, only this time it was clinched where it appeared tied into a bunch and yanked, as by a length of thin seamstress thread. It comically resembled a scarf snake until, by a creeping process, it inflated and bore the proportions of a human hand and arm beneath. The pinched-off fabric remained suspended until a finger penetrated its small noose, whereupon the limb rose and fell in the manner of a turnkey. The extended finger poked at the air with emphasis, connecting, vaguely, to the notion of a voyeur’s eye.

An embarrassed Lucien was about to slink away when the gesturer convulsed: The agony matched some dreadful, deep-wired template, and when the curtains deflated and resumed their natural proportions, the pantomime had succeeded in rousing his curiosity.

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