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Boyhood Reptile

  Boyhood Reptile

3 minutes 10 seconds| Prepubescent childhood: where one lives without symbolism, and frankly. I excell at codas, and this one is smooth and silky. Time stamp: 2/21/11.

Novel Icon Novel-in-Progress, excerpt 14| A girlfriend referred to in early paragraphs is never met in this portion of the story, just as Emma’s fiancé in Icarus Transfigured is never met.

Lowell had been a happy, productive introvert until recently, when he started a dalliance with a younger library assistant in Waverly Bean. Margaret pursued him initially, and being polite and pliant, the wight was overtaken by novelty and circumstance. The two shared a genuine connection, and never quarreled with the unspoken understanding that the relationship was one argument away from ending. To the degree Lowell attached the moniker of ‘boyfriend’ to himself, he found intemperate satisfaction in routines, despite finding little emotional substance in routines generally. Yet to the degree he was capable of introspection on these matters, his love ran through the deep wiring of habit, and manifested itself as devotion.

A girlfriend, necessarily, became structurally indispensable to his wellbeing: one additional palisade against an unsympathetic landscape and the worst aspects of his character. A lack of romantic intensity (as such things are impermanent) also had the benefit of lengthening the duration of the alliance, because the absence of obsession promoted staidness of mind and avoided mistrust.

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