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  Original Music 2011

The Lung Maiden

  The Lung Maiden

4 minutes 41 seconds| Maiden lives near small body of water. Keeps track of volume displacement within bodily organs of Men. Though fluids, gases and solids present no problem, plasma introduces a wrinkle in her fabric of space-time (not to be confused with a crease).

Time stamp for start date: 2/04/11. This piece has had several name changes, all involving fish or aquatic themes. It is one of a few pieces where I used a keyboard to aid in creation of an initial theme. I cannot remember why it was needed here, but in other cases I have employed a keyboard to facilitate chord transitions between difficult key changes. A bridge passage in Pillows and Pillars was also composed on the piano. I suspect that fiddling around on the ivories may have provided more material for compostions over the years, but I have done well enough without it.

Novel Icon Novel-in-Progress, excerpt 15| Background is given about the protagonist’s situation, which itself is both material and symbolic of developments in the second part of this three-part story:

Lowell worked as a continuing education instructor at the local community college teaching night classes in painting and drawing, and as this livelihood relied on the discretionary income of others within a small population, the work was unreliable. He supplemented his needs by painting mail order portraits of pets based on photographs sent him. Dogs and cats were the norm (mainly deceased ones with names like Beauregard and Napoleon), although a bad Polaroid of a box turtle was not uncommon. These commissions came from advertisements placed in the back of pet fancier magazines. He pursued this trade earnestly, although realized he would never have the organization or wherewithal to make a viable career of it.

One of Lowell’s regular students, Howard Meade, put him onto an employment opportunity that promised a steadier paycheck. The particulars of the situation were extraordinary, since the job required no skill beyond a capacity to endure protracted periods of inactivity and boredom. The student sold the teacher on the idea that it was a golden opportunity to improve his anatomical drawing skills.

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