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Azure L’amour

  Azure L ’amour

4 minutes 25 seconds| Cocktails and Diazepam with the girls.

It was difficult not to think of the early Sixties while composing this piece of marginally atonal light jazz. The word azure owes its inclusion in the title because of an abstract painting by Jackie Gleason, which included azure in its title. This geometric painting graced the cover of one of his lush symphonic LPs.

Time stamp: 12/16/10.

Novel Icon Novel-in-Progress, excerpt 17| One day a fellow observer at the outpost finds a Korean guard who is either sleeping on the job among the posed lingerie mannequins, or is dead. This leads to speculation about suicide, to which the fellow observer retells the following anecdote to Lowell:

David had been hours thinking over it, and ruminated. “I knew a guy who lived in Japan for a while. He visited Aokigahara Forest at the base of Mount Fuji, which is a popular destination for those contemplating suicide. Some people, of course, never return from there, while others seek resolve through the pilgrimage, or resolution to some other end. Those who hesitate on their journey take rolls of yellow tape and mark their progress into the forest by wrapping trees. If one does not intend to return, there is no need for a trail of breadcrumbs. My friend took tape, and feared he would run out of it before he made up my mind. What decided things for him was, after several hours of hiking, and losing most of the daylight to the mountain, he came on the body of someone who hung himself, with difficulty, from a low tree limb. More than the horror of the scene was its irony: By this stage, my friend’s indecisiveness placed him too high on the ridge, where the trees were smaller at that elevation. The amount of energy expended to reach them did not leave him enough energy to deal with the logistics of small, inadequate trees. It would have been less a matter of employing gravity and body weight to finish the job, and more a matter of trying to strangle himself by his own hand. He would pass out before he succeeded in ending his life. Staring into this dead man’s face, he realized it possessed a degree of composure and commitment to killing one’s self that my friend did not have.”

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