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Corn in My Poop

  Corn in My Poop

2 minutes 14 seconds|  A tribute to pilgrims and nearly indigestible corn.

This opus was started 3/13/10; Sleep-in-Late Japanese Girlfriend was started seventeen days later. If these time stamps are to be believed, then works composed early in 2010 showed much of the industry of works composed in 2009. It was also in this month of March when I started dating my girlfriend. Both works mentioned here were shared with her, probably in Apirl.

I am not sure why I have a voiceover quoting a B-52 song, other than, as I discussed previously, I needed filler and was disinclined to write lyrics. It is, nonetheless, a rare day when I write something to which one may dance.

Novel Icon Novel-in-Progress, excerpt 30| The observer returns to the tower in a state, and meets with his tardy coworker who, for a moment, appeared to have barricaded himself in the office. Howard relays another fanciful theory about events in the brothel, this time involving the Native-American spirit Unhcegila:

“Vandals,” charged the interrogator. “These recent developments probably come down to vandalism. Teenagers have tagged the building with spray paint on the eastern façade. I went over there a half hour ago and saw for myself.”

Howard reeled to hear this. “You went into the room?”

“Not as far as that, but I followed a series of mirrors.”

“Why would teenage vandals arrange mirrors in an abandoned building?” the friend pondered skeptically. “Aren’t they more likely to smash them?”

“I did not say they had any hand in the mirrors. The Koreans never finished the brothel’s exterior. Why should they finish the interior? The mirrors are simply lying around in a hallway, waiting to be hung.”

“You said a ‘series’ of mirrors. That implies an arrangement.”

Lowell could not deny this. He had followed the mirrors pursuant to their arrangement.

Howard drew encouragement to speculate. “Unhcegila was bound to return to the body and admire its handiwork. The slack mirror, and any other mirror, was set in its way to draw attention. The Koreans must have discover the serpent’s vanity, and systematically placed the mirrors in their evacuation as a trap, creating a house of mirrors.”

The friend listened patiently to this fanciful explanation. “The brothel has been better at capturing imaginations than horny young men,” he retorted.

Turning toward the door on the balance of his clever remark, his friend clambered to add to it, “You and your flashlight just as well pointed the way out.”

Lowell did not confront the accusation, yet advised, “You better stay awake tonight and employ some of the drawing skill I taught you. Sketch whatever followed me back here.”

Book excerpts resume with 39) Toner Depletion (Music46.html).

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