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Waxworks: Schematics for A Ballet in Eight Scenes

  Waxworks: Schematics for A Ballet in Eight Scenes

8 minutes| The eight scenes in this ballet are listed: (1.) Proper Introductions (2.) Fanfare: The Queen's Arrival (3.) Diplomat Without Portfolio (4.) The Portuguese Interloper (5.) Chance Encounter: Pas de Deux (6.) Unforseen Developments (7.) Latitude With Linen Thread Count (8.) Happy Ending: Fanfare Reprise.

The Pas de Deux started as a paino composition in 2008, or earlier. It lies at the mid-point of this ballet, and was dedicated, in its original form, to the last of my celebrity crushes: Jules Asner.

Waxworks has a start date of 1/18/10.

Novel Icon Novel-in-Progress, excerpt 32| The conversation continues:

The homilist turned over the implications. “If one believes in sin, then death are its wages; but if one believes in Fate, then Fate does not punish every sin, or even every sinner. Though perhaps The Law of Averages is God’s way of meting out judgment where, like a clock that only needs to be right twice a day, consequences catch up to actions without requiring overt displays of vengeance.”

Eva withdrew to her shadowy half of the car, though her thought flew at his. “That makes God sound too hands-off. Too impotent. His justice cannot lack poetry, design…”

Lowell could not fault the astute observation. “God cannot be an impartial algorithm, true. If the Idea of God is to mean anything, there has to be an intelligent, tailored component to it.”

“Personal,” stressed Eva. “An impersonal God has never set well with me. It’s a view that lacks the sort of rich detail one sees in, well, everything else, if one pays attention.”

“Yes,” he answered, seeing the serious state to which he had reduced her spirits. “My brother’s religious belief precedes his faith (if not his reason), so his reason needs persuading. He says that, if one believes in coincidences, then they must run all the way down—to the very bottom. Once one begins to notice them—their uncanny placement and timing—they cease being coincidence and reveal a personal, even moral, dimension. With this recognition one has abandoned estrangement and entered into a dialog with God. Choices are presented, trials and tests, and one must show deference to mysterious ways.”

“Yes,” Eva responded positively.

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