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  Original Music 2009 (2010)

Pretty for Deodorant: Three Short Pieces

  Pretty for Deodorant: Three Short Pieces

3 minutes 59 seconds| Somewhere in the middle of writing this piece I realized I was channeling Paul Hindemith.

This composition was started on Christmas Day 2009, and is my first use of classical instruments in a composition. The piece was finished in the new year.

Novel Icon Novel-in-Progress, excerpt 35| Lowell and Eva’s second night visit to the dam produces greater apprehension. A romantic overture is made on her part, and the suitor puzzles over its blank matter-of-factness:

Joining her (if not her comedy), Lowell knelt toward the half-conjured, beckoning stare to straddle the plank, seeking in it a footprint and cloak. The couple’s combined mass sank into the fake vinyl leather, yet failed to create the desired locus.

The man’s head became a muscle; and the will inside it, a bullying child. He clawed at her querulously, thinking the moon had burned away both their dilemma and her bruises.

The embrace could only appear scintillating to an onlooker, since the point in it was quickly lost. Lowell tried to picture their bodies entwined on his aunt’s roomy bed, and with half the hope a rickety roof would collapse on top of them and dispense with second and third acts.

Still, the inamorato wished to interrupt the deterministic character of biology’s program, to allow for a switch to reset in his brain. Love was a word that came to him: a button of a certain size and shape that, when pushed, would push through. He could not think what words should fall in place afterwards like necessary cogs and gears.

This was, however, the love of an amnesiac who strays into familiarity, and somewhere beneath the half-unbuttoned camisole and array of elastic bands that tied her off on both ends, an erotic impulse flirted with the sundry; and what was intended to jar loose an animal memory became, through no willful plan, a proverbial whole lost in the sum of its parts: inguinal wrinkle, femur dimple, pubic wrinkle, abdominal crease, mammary crease, median lumbar dimple, lateral lumbar dimple, gluteus crease, welt, blister, vaccination scar…

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