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  Original Music 2009

Godzilla and The Long Arm of Funk

  Godzilla and The Long Arm of Funk

3 minutes 19 seconds| Inexplicable placeholder that became a thing-in-itself.

The time stamp records 10/17/09. I may have been working on this composition as late as my December visit home to Memphis in that same year. It is interesting how one forgets autobiographical details that would readily clear up confusion over dates, if only a family relation, or a better memory, brought them to light.

At some point I bought a new Mac Mini, having switched from a Power PC to an Dual Core Intel processor. During this upgrade I also purchased the Logic application. The chiming bell heard in Godzilla is a Logic software instrument. In the same retrofitting spirit, I subsequently added Logic instruments to other older works, including the choir In Lullaby in Chalk and a second acoustic guitar in Polymers of Insincerity.

I received, in back-to-back Christmases, two sets of Apple Jam Pack software instruments. The first included classical instruments; and the second set, more rock instruments. This second batch of instruments appears ubiquitously throughout compositions in 2011 and 2012.

Novel Icon Novel-in-Progress, excerpt 39| The couple return from the hospital to Lowell’s house with the boxed remains of Eva’s beloved pet:

They did not depart immediately, and Lowell was relieved to find no one lurking past his front door. The host’s relief, however, was not universally joined. He perceived delayed shock in Eva’s behavior, as the violence in the evening was only then becoming clear. Blood on her skirt was unconcealed in a moonlit window, where it had not been noticeable in the dim hospital; and it was perhaps seeing it that brought this change over his guest.

She was concerned about the box in the backseat of the car, about its removal. Lowell thought her alarm peculiar, as if she had not known the container was behind her while she drove. He bowed to her wish and removed the seeming reliquary to his kitchen table, which was the only uncluttered surface in his house.

The pallbearer turned to find his mourner stripped down to her bra and slip and standing below the attic hatch in the hallway; her soiled dress was flung over the bathroom door behind her.

“Do you have tape for the lid?” came her meek request.

Lowell obtained a piece of strapping tape and sealed up the cardboard box.

Arguably it was out of the same desire to stay hidden that he walked through his house and unplugged, punctiliously, every Christmas decoration from its electrical outlet. Though electricity did not presently course through the old wiring, it would invariably return, and something in the solemn occasion wished for the premises to stay dark a good long while. No Christmas ornament would relight, either in the house or on the lawn. A lamp in the front room was left switched on, and would serve as vigil candle until power returned.

A jacket was found for the shivering woman in the front closet, but its slightness regrettably did not chase off her chill.

Together they left the house.

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