Original Music 2013

Beige: R233, G220, B162

  Beige: R233, G220, B162


5 minutes 39 seconds|  Attention Deficit Wheelhouse.

Three pieces are here assigned color designations: Red, Green, and Blue. In terms of composition, there are only two distinct sections: the first started 4/22/13, which comprises red and green; and the second 6/23/13, which is blue.

It is interesting how many of my works are started at the beginning of seasons: Spring (April), Summer (June), and Autumn (September). Few works are started (or finished) in August and December because I travel during these months, and so am nervously preoccupied.

Beige is a bland thing to picture musically, which is sort of the point. Like pink Benadryl, the inspiration comes indirectly and abstractly, and gives shape to its namesake.

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