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  Original Music 2009

Agnus Dei

  Agnus Dei

3 minutes 16 seconds| Inspired by a five-note motif from Cherubini’s Requiem in C minor.

Agnus Dei was started July the Fourth, 2009, although this time stamp sounds late to me. The un-quantized notation puts it earlier in the spring. It acquired a flute after 2010.

Novel Icon Novel-in-Progress, excerpt 49| From the previous scene:

Trained vines framed the plate glass doors constituting the main entrance. A kiosk sat across from them, although the individual manning it was no one born of a sinister imagination. This was another little old man, only swarthy and with a head full of chalk white hair. His collar was starched; and his grin, atrophied. All he offered were free calendars, but was otherwise a smiling coat rack.

Lowell said nothing to him, and past out the door without incident; no doppelgänger was spotted brushing a hedge.

He was almost to the sidewalk when rapping fingers drew his attention around to one of the tinted doors.

The man from the kiosk materialized out of the murk of its dark blue glass, and, like an icosahedral die in a Magic Eight Ball bearing fortune, gestured Lowell to return.

“This fell from your box,” he explained, holding forth up a calendar.

“That is not mine,” said Lowell.

“Then it belonged to your family member.”

 The recipient did not understand the contrived reason for unloading the calendar, unless this ambassador of goodwill had a quota to meet. The gift was accepted, and the pneumatic door urged him on his way.

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