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  Original Music 2009

Rare Paycheck

  Rare Paycheck

3 minutes 12 seconds| Under-employment with a jungle beat.

6/12/09 is recorded as the start date. As is often the case in these shorter pieces, there are repeats with bridges, and sometimes a coda. The coda here is composed of a key change that announces several drum lines.

Novel Icon Novel-in-Progress, excerpt 52| With the next scene, we are given the first details of the protagonist’s sleep disorder:

Lowell, as he aged, tended to lighter sleep toward the predawn hours. He believed his pineal gland made insufficient amounts of melatonin when the lights were turned off, and failed, in manner of course, to produce a proper induction of sleep, and then to maintain it.

Transient hallucinations sometimes accompanied this weak onset of sleep, where thalamic sensory gating processes failed to tune out external stimuli effectively, thus leading to abrupt, error-prone interpretations of his surroundings, which urgently brought him back to consciousness: Voices were heard in the hallway outside his bedroom, and then distinctly at his bedside.

Mild visual hallucinations were also not uncommon. Nightly he stopped his bedroom door with a house slipper to prevent it from blowing open whenever the furnace fan switched on. Occasionally he swore this door was shoved open, but on inspection the gap between door and jamb would not have advanced a centimeter.

That evening Lowell slept roughly and awoke before sunrise with inexplicable alarm. Emotion connected to a pale, vaguely swaying shape past his bedroom doorway, and he knew, before he could understand the situation, that this was no threatening outline but a piteous one.

In profile, an elderly woman swatted at the attic latch chain with the broad end of a broom. This chain was not the material object of her occupation but, rather, the cobweb no longer hanging there. She failed to understand that the current resident had removed it. If not for her sickly complexion, he may have missed the aunt; and if not for her staring up in defeat, sympathy may have eluded him.

Surrendering her effort, this last shadowy place in the house swallowed its ghost, and, too, Lowell’s conviction about having seen it.

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