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  Icarus Transfigured Suite: 2009-2010



3 minutes 47 seconds| I wrote three pieces of music connected to my novel, Icarus Transfigured. This bit of ethereality is dedicated to the book’s fashion plate slash barista slash heroine.

The time stamp marking the creation of this piece is 6/02/09, which means it was written a month after the next piece in this series, Stonesthrow. Moreover, Nadir Mound, which concludes this suite, was finished in 2010, even though the germ for that work predates my acquisition of Garageband software by at least a year.

Novel Icon Novel-in-Progress, excerpt 53| In the next chapter, Lowell wakes the next morning:

The nephew washed his face in an act of ablution, and sought in it absolution for an ill-defined transgression. Over slices of whole-wheat toast, he resolved to replace the furniture to the hall, though in peering up at the attic hatch, he realized how the formidable chest’s previous location had interfered with its retractable steps.

His aunt went into the nursing home because she broke her hip after falling from these stairs, and died within the year without returning to the house. Given she was unable to reach the jewelry box on the top of the chest due to her frailty and stature, it was impossible that she could pull down the attic door from its short chain and deploy the ladder successfully: The pull had hovered a good seven inches above the trinket box. Moreover she would have been incapable of pushing the heavy chest of drawers out of the way to clear a path to the steps.

Why this had not occurred to Lowell before was curious, though what was more curious was that he had used this blockage of furniture as excuse to never investigate this remote part of the house. The spring-loaded platform yanked down with a single heave, bringing down a hail of dust. No light switch for the attic was in place on the hall wall, and when the climber ascended the ladder in search of one above, a slatted step near the top gave with a sharp crack. Lowell barely escaped a tumble, and wisely returned to the floor to assess an injured wrist.

Both the collapsible stairs and the replacement of the chest were left for later.

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