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Ancient Astronaut: Bep Kororoti

  Ancient Astronaut: Bep Kororoti

4 minutes 44 seconds| Primal template-meets-factory showroom: Cargo cult-meets-Rogers and Hammerstein’s “South Pacific.” The first part of Bep Kororoti was commenced 9/29/12; the second part, 11/04/12. This second part should not be confused with the developmental section that ends part one.

Record Icon The Conundrum: Search engines give preference to web pages that display “rich content,” which, by their count, numbers three hundred words. I have as little to say about my music as I do about my painting and comics, but I am eager to have these pages featured where an algorithm cannot evaluate musical files. The primary difficulty in this combination of words and music, however, is that, as forms of processing, they co-inhabit the same left hemisphere of the brain. Hence, the brain cannot effectively multitask between them. This is why it is easier to listen to music or talk while painting that it is to do either while writing.

To surmount this problem of “rich content,” I am electing to include excerpts from my novel in progress, which is nearly seven years in the making but is unfinished. These excerpts run in chronological order, so if you view the music pages as they are linked, you will follow the flow of the writing.

Excerpts will be begin on the following page.

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