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  Original Music 2009

Reasonably A Vampire

  Reasonably A Vampire

3 minutes 12 seconds| An altogether too cheery account of morose company.

Some of these strange melodies just happen, like with the intro here, or the bouncy melody in Rare Paycheck, or the reset melody that occurs halfway into Bikini Ribcage. Amid the liner notes of one of my CDs of Schubert Piano Sonatas, a noted concert pianist declared, “Schubert happens,” in parody of an off-color bumper sticker. By this he meant that the composer was not opposed to introducing new and striking material to a developing composition. Gone where the classical days of Beethoven’s Sonata Allegro Form. Schubert, the Pan-Romanticist, fluttered from flower to flower in pursuit of lyricism and harmonic novelty. I identified with this approach, since I clearly do not have Beethoven’s discipline.


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