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  Original Music 2009

Olestra: Box Lunch Adventure

  Olestra: Box Lunch Adventure

3 minutes 1 seconds| Crunchy electric piano, with a side of salsa verde.

At the midpoint, I briefly quote the opening notes of Serenade of The Doll from Claude Debussy’s suite of piano pieces called Children’s Corner. Truthfully, I came by this melody first from a Manfred Man’s Solar Fire album, in a tune called Circle. He quotes the melody more thoroughly than I.  

Time stamp when created: 5/10/09, which places it in a crowded field. Rare Paycheck was written a month later, and its art shares similar feline traits.

Novel Icon Novel-in-Progress, excerpt 58| Lowell is greeted in his living room that morning by a strange hypnotist in a tuxedo, who draws up a business proposition in the belief that the resident was injured at the place where she performs:

He puzzled, nonetheless, over his disquieting spate of disruptions, which began with dreaming and proceeded to the present moment. Their opaqueness had hardly dissipated when, moving into the kitchen with breakfast plans, Lowell stopped short of the cabinet drawers upon comprehending that his calendar no longer hung alongside them.

It made little sense that his trespasser, in demonstration of her largess, made off with a worthless calendar. Yet if she had rummaged through his aunt’s belonging, and found the calendar before Lowell awoke, then why loiter to draw up a business proposition?

Lunch was missed, or forgotten where the artist sat and contemplated the torn envelope. He should have been miffed to think himself robbed, but a cashier’s check for the full cost of a painting commission was enclosed with the letter. He was handsomely compensated for his loss of a free, defected calendar. A bonus was also promised if the project was finished in three days time, and the typed card concluded with:

Bring materials with you to Tazewell Manor Rural Route One today at six, where accommodation for your stay will be provided. The downstairs parlor is set aside for you to paint from a subject (easel in place). You will sleep and eat your meals in another room upstairs. You must work on the painting everyday, between ten and five in the afternoon as you please, and may not leave the premises until it is completed.

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