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  Original Music 2009

Lactose Wagon

  Lactose Summer

2 minutes 59 seconds| Although music from this fertile period was written in as little as a week, titles and final mixes have been years in the making. Such is the burden of a high-histamine perfectionist.

An Apple guitar loop was used here, and also a distorted drum loop. Guitar loops appear throughout my compositions, although sparingly. One is used near the end of Warm Laundry, while another was used, transitionally, in Scepters of Incidence. High-impact drum loops often present problems. Such was the case in Lactose Summer and in my first Garageband composition, Provocateur, while the loop used in Agnus Dei was less problematic.

Novel Icon Novel-in-Progress, excerpt 59| After researching the house where he is to stay while he completes his commission, Lowell sets off somewhat warily on his bicycle:

Snow intercepted him, as South Dakota weather was dramatically changeable. It queerly matched in tone and tint cloud cover infused with a pinkish dusk, and revealed a prospect of company ahead on a road quickly succumbed to snowfall.

The figure was edgeless and grayed-out in the straightaway, and if it was thought that he or she was stationary, this was undemonstrated in view of decided movement about the body, which the observer interpreted as the gait of someone striding, with effort, toward him. The distant between this individual and himself did not appreciably close in the quarter mile, which meant the walker shared his eastward trek. If this were a true reading of the situation, then no tracks were counted in the snow to add to those made by his bicycle tires. The continual deposition of freezing precipitation should bury any print in a short time, although the rider thought it strange, regardless, that this person remained fixed on the horizon like a range of mountains, and that the biker’s faster means of transportation did not alter this relationship.

An episode of heavier snow intervened, and sight of the stranger was lost. Lowell presumed he had overtaken the man, but this development was not greeted happily. Gradients rose in places to chop up the road. Moreover deeper snow in these clefts slowed his progress. Despite these hazards, the road was less of a concern to him that what abutted it.

His gaze floated uneasily above the scruffs of desiccated wild carrot pushing up through drifts in the shoulders, and in passing the graveyard he reflected on the dull marble statue overseeing it. Whoever went this way before him assumed he would not pay attention to landmarks: to an arrangement of tombstones in a small, ill-kept cemetery, or to the number of winged sentries manning the ridge. This second figure might have been a snowman that aspired to recreate the prominent tomb sculpture, but given the brief duration of the snowfall, it was unlikely anyone other than a deranged, maniacal child would seize the occasion of building it.

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