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spukhafte Fernwirkung

  spukhafte Fernwirkung

2 minutes 10 seconds| “Spooky Action at a Distance.” Quantum Entanglement with a Euro-trash dance beat and a Gary Numan san-lapel space-agey feel.

The time stamp is 4/18/09. As little as seven to ten days separate the completion dates of compositions written in 2009. This quick turnover is due to my enthusiasm and to the simple design of these compositions: one or more synths, a drum loop, and one or two melodic ideas. The compositions grow increasingly longer as things progress, and I either modify existing drum tracks or compose them.

Tchaikovsky was particularly gifted in turning out melodies rapidly. Swan Lake, The Nutcracker—you can just hear these short marvelous tunes gushing from his head as from a spigot.

Novel Icon Novel-in-Progress, excerpt 62| More description of the haunted house:

The visitor approached a portico of Italianate design, under which two substantial doors greeted him. They were not double doors but sat side by side with a slapdash portion of wall separating them. He knocked on one, and when no one came to let him in, he knocked on the other.

Meeting with no success, he circled the exterior in search of another entrance, and found a simpler door banging at the rear; it was a beat behind the shutters. Cracked stained glass in its inset window indicated inattentiveness on someone’s part in leaving the door to thwack on its hinges all day.

Lowell quieted the disturbance, although the echo persisted in the sparse, encircling woods several seconds. The racket was imagined to cover frightful footfalls approaching from this direction, as the northern face of the house attracted morbid processes: A tint of green mold (he was certain of this hue) had replaced the original color of house paint.

He glanced one last time in this direction, but not because he detected anything still tracking him there. Surely the observer understood what he saw scattered among the low branches in the tree line: Furniture, in advanced states of disrepair, succumbed to the eroding influence of prairie wind.

Concerted force had shoved these items into the thicket, and if substantial wind was not the architect then it was a person or persons ridding themselves of an attachment.

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