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  Original Music 2009

Polymers of Insincerity

  Polymers of Insincerity

2 minutes 52 seconds| Vinyl and an exaltation of primary color.

Time stamp when created: 3/27/09. This piece was originally called Tokyo Skyline. It picked up a bridge melody and name change along the way.

Novel Icon Novel-in-Progress, excerpt 64| More description of the haunted house:

As Lowell was then passing a closet under the stairs, something was heard to crumple inside it. The door was cracked open, enough to uncover a glowing patch of blue.

A vinyl sleeping bag (mostly upright) was shoved into one corner like an unstrung shower curtain, and since this was not a natural orientation, it was in the incremental process of collapsing, with each added crimp pressing ever so gently against the door’s lock rail. Its predicament read like an hourglass recently turned over, which was to surmise that the sleeping bag had been abandoned in haste before the painter stepped through the backdoor. Discoloration and a whiff of body odor lent urgency to its discovery, as did discarded boxes of turkey and dressing TV dinners lying in the same closet.

These comestibles recorded distress and desperation: The trays of food, in all instances, had not been heated before being consumed, but were merely thawed out; and perhaps not even fully thawed when a fork began chipping away at them.

Gravity supplied another crease to the bag while Lowell lingered over these troubling details: The plastic’s rigidity was insufficient to keep the object vertical indefinitely, so the door was closed on the dilemma.

A note from the same model typewriter as the instruction card he received was taped to a staircase baluster: Second bedroom on left at top. Meals will be in dumbwaiter opposite side of hall.

Before passing upstairs, Lowell examined the front door. He could only declare this provisionally since one door was confronted and not two. The second exterior door, seen from outside, was apparently walled over during restoration. Regardless, there was a triangular pediment over the entrance, of which the existing door was not centered beneath it.

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