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Aberrant Star

  Aberrant Star

1 minutes 5 seconds| To quote from my memoir/novel Icarus Transfigured, Chapter Two: “In similar repose, he divined melodies and human speech from ambient sounds, and forged many lullabies for sleep from humming furnace fans. When he invariably took up the guitar, and then the piano, it was as if he had previous knowledge of them.”

Aberrant Star is unique in having little to no modifications made to it after completion. The graphic is original to the SWF animation, which was a tribute to the late actress, Kim Walker.

Novel Icon Novel-in-Progress, excerpt 65| More description of the haunted house:

The chill did not emanate from any ground floor doorway, yet led him to the top stair step into a spacious hall. The designated bedroom was immediately to the right, and on entering it Lowell saw the same haunted lamp seen from the road. An open window blew the curtains wildly, and threatened to overturn the lamp on a table, so the houseguest moved quickly to cut off both the source of discomfort and danger.

While shutting the sash, the drape lapping at his waist skittered up his arm; and as it resembled an insect’s exoskeleton in texture, the contact sent him shrinking with excruciation into the center of the room. The curtains, meanwhile, dropped to their full length with unnatural abruptness, and in touching the heavy fustian fabric, Lowell could not imagine how anything but the strongest gust should knock it about. This mystery was sufficient to compel him to reopen the window, but unfortunately the sash, swollen with generational coats of lead paint, was now stuck.

These developments allowed the visitor to consider the compass of his action: Every curtain in the upstairs had ceased movement simultaneously, and the scene beyond the mullion and panes played into this uncanny stillness, even though there could be no shared causality. This perception of a dramatic change in the weather, he reasoned, likely owed to the insulating effects of a sturdily built house, and the conspiracy of poor light.

A cursory examination of the upper bedrooms was inconclusive in linking the house to its history. No more than six bedrooms were counted, which was far short of their number of record. Perhaps only seven bedrooms existed: one for each day of the week, and not one to fill out each day of a calendar year. This deduction of a seventh room had a strong corollary to a freestanding armoire occupying a wall in this upstairs hallway, which presumably covered another doorway given a section of post and lintel spied behind it. This was left to a better hour to explore.

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