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  Original Music 2015-2016

Plateaus of Arbitrary Effort

  Plateaus of Arbitrary Effort

10 minutes 48 seconds| This is the only music I wrote in the two years of 2015 to 2016. It lay in pieces for much of that time and, despite my lack of focus, ends up being the longest thing I have written. Given this patched-together approach, it is essentially a medley, or compilation of fragments. There are a few odd key transitions, as where the melody hold its general shape while the chords, like plate tectonics, shift beneath it. The opening themes reappear near the end, and a march-like coda with choir concludes the business. (The attached image belongs to Carel Willink, an early Twentieth Century Dutch painter.)

This piece is comprised of two hefty files. The time stamp for the first is 6/13/15, while the second is 8/22/15.

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