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  The Roadtrips 2013-2015: Saugatuck, Mi | Holbrook, Az | Baraboo, Wi | Nashville, Tn

6 minutes 45 seconds| This chronicles a personal history of true but dysfunctional love, and of a man for whom travel is terrifying but transformative.

Saugatuck is a charming lakeside tourist town and artist colony. Holbrook is the gateway to The Painted Desert. Devil’s Lake resides near Baraboo. The first two trips were by any measure successes, while the third proved challenging and foreshadowed a great sadness to come. This is anticipated, and sounds ominously, in the portion dedicated to the last road trip: Nashville, Tennessee.

The dark fanfare that begins Nashville was written first. The final section of Nashville includes these opening chords played in reverse order with modification. The muted piano phrase that ends Baraboo starkly reappears where the brass section builds and climaxes in Nashville.

Schubert was on my mind while writing the piano score of Saugatuck and Baraboo: a deceptive cadence with the first, and then with an incomplete ending in the second. Nashville, with the fanfare and finale, but not the interlude, is unapologetically Wagnerian in all its major key bombast and minor key doom. The interlude also has a title: Pancake Pantry, which is an established eatery in downtown Nashville.

As three compositions are involved here, I list them by their file name: Roadtrips (3/28/17); Dark Fanfare (2/14/17); Nashville (8/19/17).

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