Animation Showcase Two

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 Bird Song (2008)


Impossible Solution: I have been back and forth many times over the years on how to present this handful of minor SWF animations. Converting them to html videos seems a no-brainer, but what should the format be? A ‘responsive design’ will reformat the film many times larger than the original size of the film, which degrades the image on most computer screens. However, while having ‘fixed parameters’ may produce a better quality experience for smaller device, and computers in general, this size may be too small for some larger animations to be rendered effectively. It is impossible to arrive at a perfect solution to this dilemma. To speak honestly, tens years separates me from the creation of these films, and I have lost interest in them as a concern long ago. The Internet is not a static thing, and any creation made to be viewed upon it will be consumed (eventually) in the grinder of Planned Obsolescence.

Bird Song is possibly the first Flash film I made. Because I Wear Johnny’s Class Ring was an orignal project which made no use of pre-existing drawings from other sources.


 Because I Wear Johnny’s Class Ring (2009)


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