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Notes: Every artist’s life follows an arch, and I have been blessed more than most in having several pathways in different media through which to progress. At the beginning there is much enthusiasm for the journey and a few missteps, but by the time the creator finds his stride, he is inventing as much as he is manufacturing his product. This pioneering ‘Golden Age’ may continue some years. Later works may be more involved, although there will be fewer of them. The creator becomes increasingly self-aware of his process over time, and he realizes that the options available to him were always limited. It is only through a quantity of effort that one comes to understand this boundary, where before there was never time to imagine it. This is what eventually ends his enterprise, but before arriving at it, a reckoning comes.

Young turks enter the arena, and though they look to the pioneer for their roots and inspiration, they are surpassing him by tweaking his formula and building upon his accomplishments in original ways. This provides a brief resuscitation of his labor, where he either outdoes his competition or he does not. By this stage, time and culture have overtaken him, and he is all but forgotten. Death restores his reputation, but seldom immediately.

This is a long way to arrive at an assessment of myself. Ten years is the average timespan for every endeavor I undertake to master. I have crossed that bridge in musical composition recently, and feel I will soon repeat myself if I am not careful.

Early epochs saw painting and cartooning come and go, although there is much still to do in the former since painting, which I still pursue, has become time intensive in its execution. There is easy fatigue in this labor, but also the winning virtue of perseverance. Works on paper are more problematic since I can produce these nearly as fast as musical opuses. Perhaps this is why I take long breaks between these creations.

Writing remains a vital outlet, although, like painting, it continues to thrive as a low wattage undertaking. It is many years past the ten year mark, but as there are only two novels to my credit, its vitality is maintained through a process of endless editing.

Animation may be seen as an extension of my cartooning, and so its vital moment may also have past, but I cannot definitely conclude this since I have made so little animation to evaluate. My forays into this medium have been exceedingly modest and scarce.

 Relatively New Video

Original Animation gif Least Problematic Solution: I have opted for less hassle and use Vimeo as a third-party host for my very minor films. Last Update: 5/05/13


 SWF (Flash Film) Converted to HTML Video

Video Archive 2008-2010 gif Original Animation Archive 2018-2008: Original Flash swf animations are here converted to html video. As minor works they should be viewed in the small format for which they were designed. Last Update: 10/05/19

Gravity Pending | Dung Beetle
Bird Song | Because I Wear Johnny’s Class Ring
Deltoid Fuchsia | Grocery Gawkers
The Gibberer | Saucer Invasion
Merry Christmas, Clowns!


 Animated Gifs

Flavor of The Moth gif Future Project: A few more swfs, although here turned to animated giffs. Otherwise, think of this portal as being under construction. Last Update: 5/05/13

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