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Notes: My forays into animation have been exceedingly modest. Pending Gravity is my latest endeavor, and is somewhat ambitious by my standards. It will not be found here but, instead, on the second page of the Sketchbook.

 Relatively New Video

Original Animation gif Least Problematic Solution: I have opted for less hassle and use Vimeo as a third-party host for my very minor films. Last Update: 5/05/13


 SWF (Flash Film) Archive 2008-2010

Video Archive 2008-2010 gif Original Animation Archive 2008-2010: Original Flash swf animations, and as minor works they are be viewed in the small format for which they were designed. A Flash plug-in is needed to see these films. Last Update: 5/05/13


 Animated Gifs

Flavor of The Moth gif Future Project: A few more swfs, although here turned to animated giffs. Otherwise, think of this portal as being under construction. Last Update: 5/05/13

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