Notes:The films presented here were originally Flash shock wave films (swf), and as such were perfectly optimized solutions to shoestring animation since they required little memory and space to execute. However, being an artist on the Internet is like being a Buddhist sand painter: One is doomed to watch the winds of technology wash away one’s creative efforts. Memory-intensive video has replaced economical Flash, and so what took 10 MB to make now takes quadruple that to convert (if you want to bother saving earlier work). So much for lean, mean web pages that load quickly. The Internet grinds down under the onus of its own constipation, and the more complicated things become, the more it resembles dial-up—or at least the frustration of dial-up.

Moreover, I do not see touch screens as much of an improvement over point-and-click mice. Web pages have become sticky taffy, where you search in vain for those few places where you can drop your index down and scroll without opening half a dozen links. The design reminds me of slick sales circulars you used to get with daily newspapers: the kind that spilled out over your feet when you open the paper in the wrong place. This is just complaining, of course, and filler for an introductory page where I have little to say about these films!

My forays into animation have been exceedingly modest. Most of my earliest stuff is little more than low-resolution thumbnail sketches, where an idea (often adapted from a short comic) is presented in under a minute. Some are longer, but not much longer. The soundtracks are little better in quality, though some are exceptional creepy.


 Relatively New Video

Original Animation gif Least Problematic Solution: I have opted for less hassle and use Vimeo as a third-party host for my very minor films. Last Update: 5/05/13


 SWF Archive 2008-2010

Video Archive 2008-2010 gif Original Animation Archive 2008-2010: Original Flash swf animations, and as minor works they are be viewed in the small format for which they were designed. A Flash plug-in is needed to see these films. Last Update: 5/05/13


 Animated Gifs

Flavor of The Moth gif Future Project: A few more swfs, although here turned to animated giffs. Otherwise, think of this portal as being under construction. Last Update: 5/05/13

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