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  Original Music 2018

  Antecedents: Ahshislepah | Pioneers of Mars | Sputnik

5 minutes 10 seconds|  Explorations over ancient landscapes: Ahshislepah, with its Daliseque hoodoos and petrified trees, lies within the badlands of New Mexico, while Pioneers of Mars recaptures the Soviet Space Program. This business concludes similarly with Sputnik and its orbiting beacon.

The time stamp for creation is roughly 11/01/18. This material was originally to be joined with Thrift and Industry as an introduction, but that plan did not develop expectedly. The first and last themes were written in one day, while the orchestral gist of Pioneers of Mars was also composed in one day (albeit a different day). The oafish romp of Pioneers of Mars is intended. For C natural and C sharp to sound simultaneously is to take advantage of the occasional comedy of brass instruments: This is where a youthful, mischievous Igor Stravinsky might team up with Aaron Copland to compose a ballet depicting frontiersmen gallivanting westward.

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