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buxis ab vinum inflexibilis

  buxis ab vinum inflexibilis | fragment b

6 minutes 34 seconds| The title loosely translates to “Inflexible Box of Wine,” although the Latin was patched together without clue as to proper usage. A repeating piano riff builds toward a crescendo and introduces the latter development, which comes at the pleased listener with a start. On the way to it I wrote an initial treatment that I regarded as instructive but too subdued. I forgot about this variation until recently. Upon hearing it again, I thought it striking and decided to attach it to the body of the work as a fragment.

Novel Icon Novel-in-Progress, excerpt 22| One of the subplots in this section begins thusly:

Having the following day off, Lowell rode into town to check his postbox for commission work. A solitary letter sat in the slot and bore the return address of the county nursing home, which is where his great aunt resided before passing. The note concerned collection of personal effects left there, though this came as a surprise to the nephew, who had lived in the house for a year without notification.

He set out for the facility, and a receptionist pointed him down a hall to a back office. A youngish orderly, with improbable five o’clock shadow that looked like it was fired from an aerosol can, materialized at a counter with a lidless box, of which its contents could only be regarded as insignificant: a pair of house slippers and a key ring.

The receiver-of-goods dissembled to hide his bafflement over the bother, and backed away from the counter to ponder the orderly’s strange appearance one last time. From a distance (and perhaps from a seat in an auditorium) the patchy bronzer might pass for facial hair. Debatably there was some theatrical reason for it. Maybe one of the seniors in the nursing home was having a birthday that day and staff played dress up.

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