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Blender Kitty Comics Archive 2

The New York Press: In the summer of 2001, Blender Kitty was picked up by The New York Press, which, being just about the only non-liberal alternative newsweekly around, had no problem with its lack of political correctness. The strip stayed there until 2003, when it and several other strips (including Renée French’s) were dropped. (Cartoonist Tony Millionaire, who later quit NY Press for The Village Voice, tried to give me a heads-up as to what was coming.) Regardless, I still maintained a New York connection for several years after this through the comics anthology, Blurred Vision.

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Specifications: I describe the type of board I used for these strips on my Gallery Page under Works on Paper. Here I add the mention of my preferred pen ink, which was Rapidiograph Ultra-Draw. These strips ran in one of three in sizes (see below). The flipside of this card is my pen nib tester, as techincal pens can be tempermental.

Each board typically contained three strips. These formats scaled up by the amount of drawing and writing involved.

Pen Nib Tester 1 Pen Nib Tester 2

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