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 Blender Kitty Comics Archive 6 (The Serial)

Anatomy of A Serial Tale: After the run in The New York Press, and shortly before I terminated the Blender Kitty characters, I made one attempt at a serial comic tale involving my duo. I was well into the writing of Icarus Transfigured by this time, and perhaps impatient with the complexity of that book, sought more immediate satisfaction in writing about similar themes through another medium. This story begins with the promise of a new venture, and with lots of drawing. By the end, however, and with predictable cynicism, my resentment over undertaking a project I was unsuited for as a comics artist bubbles to the surface.

I did not think well of this story when I finished it, and had lost interest in it before that. In retrospect, the ending attempts to save my dynamic duo from their mediocre fate: a conventional trick ending. This is the one part of the comic that is in the spirit of the comic strip as a whole, and (by my measure) it saves my considerable effort.

NOTE: By the time I arrived at this serial tale, my cartoon drawing style had become simpler and bolder. The individual panels were stripped of superfluous decoration; and because there was also less writing, this allowed for a cleaner, more stylized presentation of text. All these laborsaving changes may be viewed as improvements on the product, although they came too late to save my paneled strip format.

Paint-By-Murder (The Plot): After a failed business venture as pet groomers, Blender Kitty and Candy Medicine Bear set off on a cross-country trip, yet wind up at a haunted motel with bad motel art hanging on its walls. This motel has no check-out time. (Storyboards appear in linked pages.)

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