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  Original Music 2009

Pedicle in The Regency Style

   Pedicle in The Regency Style

2 minutes 33 seconds| The Bath, England of Jane Austens memory.

Time stamp when created: 12/14/09, which (if this date is to be believed) puts it at the end of a fruitful year. The harpsichord was added in the new year.

Novel Icon Novel-in-Progress, excerpt 36| Lowell and Eva find her lost dog en route back to his house, which requires them rushing the injured creature to the hospital. While waiting for news, the suitor wanders off into the haunted corridors, principally in search for his coworker who was admitted earlier in the day:

He envisioned a men’s room as a detour; a wastebasket jimmied the door here and allowed a peek past it at a slickly mopped floor. Lowell’s hand lifted to test the barrier—

An equal force pushed back.

An antagonistic voice erupted from inside. “Who woke you up?”

The intruder croaked in a low, contrite voice, but maybe was not heard.

The inquisitor did not appear in the doorway, but shuffled behind it and bellowed, “God hasn’t finished rearranging the furniture here! If you come in now, what you see will drive you mad! Come back later!”

A tincture of reflected light emerged in the interstice between door hinge and corresponding molding where the skulking draped figure was glimpsed. This gentleman sported either a blanket or a trash bag fashioned into a poncho. (Moths were not the only pests taking up residence in the building.) Lowell suspected he had blundered into the lair of a belligerent (possibly delusional) hobo.

This fellow continued to pace and mumble among the echoing tile blocks, and his fugue state prevailed upon the visitor to think better of an intrusion.

Lowell was halfway returned to the lobby when the man emerged, with incident, from hiding. He had shed his cover, which had concealed large feathery wings strapped to his shoulders. Sandals and a flowing robe completed the unlikely costume, and set him off dramatically when he turned clapping down the hallway on a heading that took him deeper into the murky building. What lingered as impressions were his gait, fetor, and single-minded purpose. The visitor did not see him raising spirits of ailing patients by barging into their rooms at three in the morning, although “many have entertained angels unaware.”

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