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Spirits of Escalators

  Spirits of Escalators

3 minutes 42 second|  The expression L'esprit de l'escalier belongs to French Philosopher Diderot, and names that instance where one thinks of a clever rejoinder to an argument only after the moment to use it is past, ususally when one is departing down a staircase. My meaning of the phrase is literal, as I am thinking of spirits that abide in and around escalators.

Time stamp for creation: 7/16/09. The art (and title) of many of my pieces have changed over time. The art presented here is a mash-up of imagery in Photoshop, and is one of several thumbnails created in a batch of replacement thumbnails. These are readily identified by their gauzy style.

This battle of wills among synthesizers was originally envisioned as a tribute for the surrealist painter Joan Miro.

Novel Icon Novel-in-Progress, excerpt 48| The next section is entitled “Interlude,” although it is substantially more than that. It begins by replaying a scene from the nursing home where Lowell’s great aunt had resided, and this reenactment will also begin the third installment in this section of the book. Effectively the reader is being presented with a puzzle, where each look in is to see the puzzle differently. We pick up the action after an orderly has given the nephew the cardboard box of his aunt’s belongings:

Lowell carried off the box and its contents and came on an exterior door, which did not show promise as a way out. Having strayed into a service area, he confronted a ramp where laundry trucks made pickups and deliveries, and was doubling back over his steps when a voice shot out a dim doorway across from him. “There’s another way out, but you must be careful.”

An elderly gentleman, in an albescent drawstring gown, held forth a urine specimen.

“Way out?” was the cautious reaction to him.

The barefooted resident inched closer and made a frightful peek around the corner. He gestured with his sloshing beaker of fluid. “Two doors, side by side,” he explained, “and it can be no accident.” (These instructions would not be simple.) “When you approach, be mindful of someone watching you. If this person does not see you, you will past through one door and see your fetch passing through the second door. If, on the other hand, you are seen, you will not see yourself exit the second door.”

Lowell’s humoring nod masked his confusion. He thought this was perhaps someone suffering from dementia who was left unattended, so looked around for an orderly.

The man’s eyes did not veer from the drab, encroaching corridor. “I cannot tell you how it will be,” he said. “I am too scared to attempt it myself.” The urine again splashed, striking the tile floor and the resident’s exposed toes. “This other person is looking for God, you see—for God in light waves. He is a fool, because God is two steps ahead: deferring to expectation, collapsing like a wave function... God becomes another lollygagging particle passed on the street, bound to gravity, and looking for a vending machine that takes dollar bills.”

Lowell smiled and listed, hinting that his participation in the science lesson was over. The senior withdrew through the tenebrous cavity that produced him, and left the visitor to search for the set of double doors.

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