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  Original Music 2017

Base Metals

  Base Metals: Three Bagatelles for Piano

4 minutes 39 seconds| This is a rare work written from front to back in one piece, which at the time seemed like a natural course to take. However, without breathing space to assess my progress, I ended up creating a work that was difficult to score stylistically. Base Metals is also rare in beginning its life with boisterous instruments, but then shedding them in favor of a muted solo piano. I have been back and forth several times on which version should be presented. This version is split three ways, and gains the distinction in being labeled as ‘bagatelles’: The term bagatelle signifies a work of humble aspiration. This is a true description, but I was also thinking of Beethoven’s opus of piano bagatelles.

Time stamp: 7/25/17.

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