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Up side of Down/Surrexit Dominus

 Up Side of Down| Surrexit Dominus

6 minutes 46 seconds| In the darkest days of my life, where reckless and unrepentant physicians abandoned my brain to the damage done it by benzodiazepines, Christ reached out to me through a device I invented in my novel-in-progress: Coincidence used as indirect proof of God’s Existence. In the span of two days I encountered the same Bible verse twice. First it turned up in my Facebook newsfeed, and then again upon turning randomly to a page in The Bible and reading the first verse I saw. Here is that verse: “For even the Son of man came not to be ministered unto, but to minister, and to give his life a ransom for many.” ~Mark 10:45

Up Side of Down and Surrexit Dominus share the same time stamp (2/16/17). The two compositions were separated early, when Surrexit was still in piano score, and then later rejoined. It is safe to say this final operation was carried out in March or April.

Novel Icon Book Notes on Icarus Transfigured|

Feminine Duality: In each central location there is at least one personification of the female ideal: the Hispanic woman is in the tenant house, Brae is in the inherited house, Miranda is in the old family house, Erica is at the hospital, Amber is at the motel, and Emma is at the second boarding house. The thing to remember is this: there is only one female entity, and she has always been in the house with the protagonist. He does not really move, no matter how many times he changes location. Miranda, Aloysius' sister, reinforces this when she takes in a boarder on the very day her brother moves away. (5/15/09)

The Enigma and Appeal of the Mistaken Premise Plot: In our brittle materialist age, the mistaken premise/ mistaken identity plot has come to be frowned upon in literary circles, yet I believe the ongoing appeal of such devices owes in no small part to their allusion to a metaphysical dilemma: Our world appears real, but appearances can be deceiving. In my own case, the appeal of paradigm shifts is personal. My whole life has been based on a mistaken premise: namely that I believed I was “normal” when, as my Asperger's diagnosis later revealed, I was not.

One of the influences on Icarus Transfigured is a work of fiction I read in graduate school called The Third Policeman, which was written by the Irish writer, Flann O’Brien. Apart from naming my Irish pub after his book, and a mistaken premise plot, I borrowed other elements from his forgotten masterpiece: a back story revolving around an eccentric intellectual, an enigmatic black box, and the use of candles. (1/12/08)

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